A self guided tour for ecstasy

YES, YES, YES is a performance that reflects on the notion of Ecstasy, the practice and idea of being or standing outside oneself, through the form of a guided tour. How does the ecstasy as an otherworldly, trancelike experience transcend out of the religious-zones and into the streets of a modern city?
Guided by a character named V, the audience will follow the stories of risky sexual, spiritual, and artistic trips out-of-one’s body. Throughout the tour, V will be leading her audience around and about, while her only quest is building an ultimate “ecstasy machine.” In each of those rooms artist Ofri Cnaani will be presenting a short lecture performance, reflecting on a different aspect of ecstasy, using one of her invented ‘ecstasy machines’. Based on the philosophical notion that to be in a state of ecstasy is to be outside of oneself, all of the invented machines take one medium—text, sound, or image—and translate it into another medium.

Five Videos: Ofri Cnaani's YES YES YES: Five Guests and Their Jouissance