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June  18th, 2024, University of Amsterdam
hosted by the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis

Precarious Collections and Data Colonialsm
A Masterclass with Ofri Cnaani and Annet Dekker

Followed by

Digital Afterness: A public talk by Ofri Cnaani


June 4th,  Centre for Critical Data Practices, Aarhus University

Troubling the Lifecycles of Data

Critical Data Practices: Remaking Data Archives, Subjects and Technologies


May 2nd, 2024, University of Applied Arts Vienna

MUSEUMS AS COMMONS: Digital Strategies to Reappropriate the Public Sphere

Lecture by
Ofri Cnaani: From Practice To Commons
followed by a Panel discussion with
Petra Schaper Rinkel, Ofri Cnaani, Julienne Lorz
and Nora Sternfeld
Moderated by
Martina Griesser-Stermscheg


5–17 August 2024, Salzburg Summer Academy

The Space between Us: somatic knowledge and new techno-spatial scopes 
Two-weeks summer course at Salzburg Summer Academy


August 8th, 2024 at Generali Collection / Museum der Moderne

As part of Salzburg Summer Academy‘s Public Program, curated by Maayan Sheleff

Listen to it like you haven’t been born yet, tell it as you are still in the surrogate womb.
How deeply are we attuned to the technological systems we place ourselves in, and we place in ourselves? The program will focus on the role of platform capitalism in shaping and orienting user bodies, gender and sexuality. Combining performance, participatory experience and live podcast, the evening will bring together artists Agnė Jokšė and Ofri Cnaani, and researchers-creators Carmen Lael Hines and Morgane Billuart. Agnė Jokšė works with words. They are currently creating a non-binary Lithuanian language and use performance to explore queerness and language. Jokšė will present Lezbynai (2020), an erotic story about lesbian love in the background of the Lazdynai district where the artist grew up. Artist Ofri Cnaani will lead the audience in Stories from the Surrogate Womb, an exploration of the Generali collection / Museum der Moderne(?? Location dependent) that focuses on the idea of somatic listening. The performance is a personal wandering through call-and-response prompts and allows participants to re-experience familiar or unfamiliar sites in the collection through the notion of choreographic listening.
Carmen Lael Hines and Morgane Billuart's recent research and writings focus on the fast-growing industry of Femtech, a term which describes the software, products and digital services that focus on female health. In their performative lecture and live podcast recording, Girlemployee, Billuart and Hines use podcasts as a performative medium for presenting research and discussing the history of critiquing platforms via platforms. Together with the audience, they ask when the podcast becomes a space for articulating alternative knowledge-making structures. How do podcasts appeal to the temporalities of post-capitalist time-keeping – voices that feed you information as you move from one location to the other?


Choreographic Devices 2023

TU Wien

Choreographic Devices 2022

December 6th, 2016
Public Performance and Social interventions
Public Art Course, School of Visual Arts

January 28th, 2106
Compare and Contrast, lecture performance at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Helena Rubinstein pavilion

January 29th, 2016
Museum is a School
Talk at Haifa University, MFA program

Fall 2016
The Fourth Dimension: Video Space and the Broken Screen at SVA

February 25th, 2015
Artist Talk and studio visits at Hunter MFA (my alma mater)

February 11th, 2015
Studio visits at New York Studio Residency Program (AICAD)

School of visual Arts, New York

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City as Site: Public art as Social Intervention

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The Fourth Dimension: Video, Space, and the Broken Screen

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