Forthcoming single and co-authored books:

·       Cnaani, O., “Digital Afterness,”, Routeldge, 2025.

·      Cnaani, O., and Tshuva, O. (Editors), “The Contactless Condition,” Data Browser Series, Open University Press, 2025.

Book Chapters:

·      Cnaani, O., “Leaking Lands: Museum Documentation Without Digitization” in: “Documentation as Art: Expanded Digital Practices,” Dekker, A., & Giannachi, G. (Eds), Routledge, 2023.

·      Cnaani, O., “Embodied Partialities” in “Dissident Practices: Posthuman Approaches to Political Economy,” Moravec, L., & Hines, C. L. (Eds), (Bloomsbury, forthcoming 2025).

·      Cnaani, O., “Platform Capitalism and The Contactless Condition” in: Mooshammer, H., & Mörtenböck, P. (Eds), “Platform Urbanism and Its Discontents” (Rotterdam: nai010 uitgevers, 2021).
Cnaani, O., “Where is Where?” in: Edelman, U., Tati, M., & Surovich, A. (Eds), “Constellation,” The Center for Digital Art, Holon (2021).

Artist Books
Fir Her Own Good, 2027
The sota Project, 2010
Two dimentional Days, 2008
The Blind Scenario, 2006