Ground Control: When The Horizon Becomes A Frontier
A single channel video,  16:36 m, 2023.

"A man goes to space. What sort of mathematical models, data protocols, physical training, herbs and pills, funding arrangements, anti-pressure medication, anti-depression medication, political infrastructures, financial abilities, personal objects and souvenirs, legal status, playlists and mix tapes, imperial desires, industry trades, and policy agreements move with him across the horizon line?"

InApril 2022, astronaut Eytan Stibbe spent eight days at the International SpaceStation. During this time, we corresponded daily and attempted to create avirtual tour of a place most people will not visit: space. If space used to be the horizon,it is currently becoming a new technological and economic frontier. The project responds to the politics of the new colonialtechnologies of reach—the “new space,” a rapidly developing techno-politicalarena that is undergoing an accelerated process of privatization. 

Every morning, I sent the astronaut three sentences tospace. For each sentence, he replied with the photo. The images sent from spacebecame a starting a project that wondered, can we tour a placethat we will never visit? The project uses fictioning as a method to explore the co-presence of many different pasts and futures within a given landscape.

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