Digital Afterness

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Digital afterness research bring together scholarship from the fields of museum studies and the philosophy of technology to consider the colonial conditions of cultural institutions in the age of algorithmic governmentality. Drawing terminology from critical technology and infrastructure studies—such as “data colonialism” and the “algorithmic institute”—into conversation with the long-standing concerns of museum studies with archiving and the display of collections, her research asks how we can use art-based methods for the destruction of spatial infrastructure to create generatively disordered contact between entities. Her emphasis on performance as a model for critical technology reimagines the possibilities for technology to challenge and dismantle discriminatory colonial logic.

Resreach output:

Forthcoming single books:

 Cnaani, O., “Digital Afterness,”, Routeldge, 2025.

Book Chapters:

Cnaani, O., “Leaking Lands: Museum Documentation Without Digitization” in: “Documentation as Art: Expanded Digital Practices,” Dekker, A., & Giannachi, G. (Eds), Routledge, 2023.

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